Drink to a healthier lifestyle

NH Gluco-K is a blend of Gymnema Leaf, Bitter Melon, Green Tea and other beneficial botanicals inspired from the remedies of Ayurveda. This healthy blend comes with a pleasant aroma and taste, making it an enjoyable drink to wind down with everyday.

This tea is especially suitable to take after meals as it helps slow down the absorption of sugar(2). Let NH Gluco-K be a part of your healthy diet today!

Beneficial Botanicals

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In Hindi, Gymnema means “sugar-destroyer”. This potent botanical has long been acknowledged in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for its ability in reducing health problems(1) particularly diabetes. Gymnema helps balance blood sugar levels, reduce glucose absorption and fight sugar cravings(2).

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Bitter Melon

Bitter melon, which is also known as bitter gourd is used in herbal medicines and is commonly found in Asian dishes. It offers many health benefits such as; managing blood sugar, reducing cholesterol and enhancing digestion, among others(3).

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Green Tea

Green Tea is no stranger to the health fraternity, having long been known for its numerous health benefits, high antioxidant content and wellness effects(4). Green tea is excellent in helping to reduce the risk of developing diabetes(5).

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Stevia Leaf

Also known as sweet leaf for its sweet-tasting leaves, Stevia Leaf is commonly used as a non-calorie sweetener by the health conscious. Studies have shown that Stevia helps balance blood sugar(6) and manage cholesterol levels(7).